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Parker Forsell

Craig Grossman
Green Room Music Source

Download: "TRICK OF THE LIGHT" desktop / mobile / full res


"Last Laugh puts listeners in a lion killer right from the word go with Sarah Saw It Coming, quite possibly the most perfect 2:36 of music you’ll hear this year."
-My Old Kentucky Blog, Luftmensch

"Top 15 acts I saw at SXSW-09:
1. Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears (TX)
2. Devo
3. Metallica
4. The 757s (MN)
Best band I saw all night: The 757s. And that’s not hometown favoritism talking. The foursome of Twin Cities music vets had twice the enthusiasm and volume of many bands half their ages, and their cover of Grant Hart’s Huskers classic “Diane” amounted to three of the hardest-rocking minutes of the fest."
-Star Tribune, Chris Riemenschneider

"Freeway Surender is, at its very core, 11 great pop songs that will stick to your ribs like a steaming bowl of Quaker Oats on a cold, January Minnesota morning."
-My Old Kentucky Blog, Luftmensch

Best local albums of 2009 (so far) -Star Tribune

"The levels are pushed into the red and left there to fend for themselves. It's honest, impudent and urgent. Not surprisingly, it's frequently sloppy and occasionally transcendent. It's an absolute blast. And it's over too soon." -My Old Kentucky Blog, Luftmensch

"Picked to Click 2008" -City Pages

"The music -- a bastardized blend of the Replacements' thunder-n-blunder, Guided by Voices' melodic rip and the Who's meaty and bouncy -- was dirty and damaging, and it was beautiful."
-Star Tribune, Chris Riemenschneider

"And though the songs continued to grow on me with each repeated listen, the one thought running through my mind as I delved into the 757s was “man, I can't wait to see these guys live."
-Reveille Magazine, Andrea Swensson